Plug and Abandon Solutions

Reducing operational rig time by combing different runs in the well, for example, set plug, perforate and cut tubing in one run.

Perforating Completion Tubing and Casing for Circulation Purposes

The perforating tools can provide large diameter holes giving significant flow area for competent circulation.

4 Port Circulating Pyro Torch – Perforations in 5-1/2” Tubing
4 Port Circulating Pyro Torch – Perforations in 5-1/2” Tubing
Cutting Casings up to 9-7/8” (currently)

The versatility of the Radial Cutting Torch System is vast; The picture below is of an RCT cut in 9-5/8” casing, as with all RCT cuts there is no deformation to the ID or OD of the casing. Red Kite has cut 9-5/8” casings with 7” OD RCT’s and 7” casings with 5” OD RCT’s and also 3-3/8” OD RCT’s.

In P&A operations Red Kite can combine operations to reduce the number of runs in the well thus saving the operator time and money.

9-5/8” 59.4# L80 cut using a Radial Cutting Torch™
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