Perforating and Cutting HWDP

Releasing Stuck BHAs

Quite often when your drill string gets stuck in the well, due to a conflict between minimum ID’s in the drill string and OD’s of cutting tools it is impossible to get deeper to cut the drill pipe to allow close access to the BHA to allow powerful fishing jars a better chance at releasing the BHA. Because of this, expensive logging BHA’s are lost downhole resulting in expensive tickets for the customer to bear.

The PostLatch™ system allows the ability to run small diameter tools (2.0” and 2.5” OD) to make consecutive cuts in the same plane resulting in a clean, non-deforming cut in 5” and 5-1/2” HWDP providing a precise known “fish” ID and OD to accurately locate spears or over shots to fish the BHA. The OD’s of these tools allow passage through typical drilling jar ID’s of 2.75”.

The ability to cut other sizes of HWDP are currently in development so please ask us if you are using other sizes of HWDP.

Sample cut of 5” 50ppf
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