A First in the World

A First in the World

February 9, 2020

Red Kite was recently requested by a major international oil company to provide a solution punching and cutting the 7” 26# tubing where the completion string had a minimum ID restriction of 3.510”. This restriction eliminated the utilization of industry standard cutting tools due to their larger OD’s.

MCR on behalf of Red Kite designed and tested their 3-3/8” Selective Reach Torch (SRT) to successfully cut the 7” 26# tubing.

Red Kite designed the tool strings and created running procedures for the client. The sequence of Red Kite tool runs were as follows; -

Run 1 – 2-15/16” PTC De-Centralized.

Run 2 – 3-3/8” SRT, Built to Order radial cutting torch.

To ensure that no movement of the cutting torch took place during the activation of the tool a 2.500” OD Electro-Mechanical anchor (EMA) was utilized. This is the first time a non-explosive, non-hazmat tool of this size has successfully cut this weight and size of tubing, and allowed the customer to successfully abandon the well, without the need of time consuming and costly alternative methods.

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