PPT™ - Perforating pyro Torch

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The Perforating Pyro Torch (PPT) is recommended for tubing punch on slickline or e-line, and is deployed without the need for radio silence or explosives.

The PPT is a patented device used to punch tubing, and casing. The PPT utilises a proprietary and patented fuel contained within the torch body. When activated the resultant molten plasma is ejected through the patented nozzle section and is directed to perforate the target tubing.

The PPT (SP) series does not use explosives or hazardous chemicals, the tool can be shipped almost anywhere in the world within 24 hours, saving significant time and associated costs, while remaining compliant with safety regulations.

The PPT produces a very clean circular punched holes with no pipe swelling or debris left in the well. The tool can operate in fluid or gas environments at up to 10,000psi and up to 500°F (260°C). The tool is initiated with the RF Safe Thermal generator , a fully qualified igniter for use with the Radial Cutting Torch  (RCT) and CPT, to punch all types of steel.

The PPT assembly is lowered into the well to the desired depth. Activation of the thermal generator activator activates the primary fuel load causing an increase in internal pressure.

Following internal pressure rise, plasma exits thru the side of the torch nozzle and perforates the target pipe. With 2, 4 or 6 nozzle systems the PPT cutting jet forces the tool against the wall of the pipe producing high frictional forces between the PPT and the wall of the pipe resulting in a stabilised torch and successful
Can be used in close contact pipe situations
Can perforate in dry pipe conditions
The complete system is safe to use in radio sensitive areas
Cost effective service run on slickline or e-line
2/4/6 perforations in sizes from +/- 3.14 in² to 7.0 in²
No explosives or dangerous chemicals required for use
Non-hazmat rated
No special storage, handling or disposal problems
Causes no flaring or swelling in tubing
Perforates all stainless steels, Monel, Inconel and plastic coated pipe
9 5/8” – 10 ¾” (11 ¾” – 20” proposed usage range, R&D development)
PPT Tool

Non-hazmat resource
developed to perforate
challenging wellbore
tubular components.
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