CPT™ - Circulating pyro Torch

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MCR’s CIRCULATING PYRO TORCH tool was developed using the same principles as the successful and field proven RADIAL CUTTING TORCH™ tool. In most conditions, adequate flow into the annulus is required to ensure a successful cut whilst conducting an RCT™ operation.

Explosive perforators and punchers are not reliable at producing consistent holes for sufficient flow, which has a dramatic effect on success when cutting with the RCT™. The CIRCULATING PYRO TORCH® delivers the required annular flow prior to cutting and provides a consistent and reliable
punch in coil tubing, casing and drill pipe.

By utilising the latest in proprietary non-explosive, non-hazmat rated fuel technology, you can complete your job faster and safer than ever before.

The CPT tool is designed to penetrate and create a flow path
Drill pipe
Drill collars
Jointed pipe and coil
Non-hazmat rated fuel
Radio safe
Operates in temperatures to 500°F (260°C) and pressures up to 25,000 psi (172.4MPa)
Perforates all steel, high chrome and plastic coated tubulars
Perforates in exotic fluids or dry pipe
Single/dual perforations in sizes from 0.38 in² to 7.0 in²
Minimizes downtime and associated costs
CPT Tool

The World’s first
non-hazmat rated
perforating tool.
2 7/8" 7.9# tubing @ 20,000psi
4 ½" 15.1# tubing @ 20,000psi
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